Thursday September 18 , 2014
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Human Powered Vehicle - Efficycle

With rise in fuel prices stopping nowhere, there has always been search for alternative sources. With electric cars and other hybrid solutions (such as fuel cell cars etc), the researchWinning is in primitive stage and no significant development has still been made to make them a solution for common people. Also, they are very costly options. Human powered transport is commercially most viable option. The rider comfort offered and the decent speed range offered by the HPV designed by us, gives it a unique cost advantage.
It is a very cost effective option and can go to very speeds depending on the pedalling power. This vehicle, if not so effective for long distance transports, is certainly best option for short distance transports such as from residence to office or school. It can replace the motor powered vehicle, thus reducing the fuel consumption as well as environmental pollution.
The recumbent human powered vehicle has a very crucial advantage in hilly areas where other means of transport are very difficult to use. HPV can be used with energy storage device so as to store energy while going down the slope and the same energy can be used while climbing up the slope.

About Efficycle

Efficycle is an intercollegiate design competition for undergraduate and graduate students where teams have to design and fabricate an energy efficient entirely human powered three-wheeled vehicle. The vehicle must be aerodynamic, highly engineered and ergonomically designed. The design should be commercially viable as a product and should be attractive to the consumers because of its visual appearance, performance, reliability and ease of operation.


IIT Roorkee team "SeiGeR" stood overall 6th position in this event organized by UIET in Chandigarh from 23rd –24th Oct 2010. SeiGeR IIT Roorkee 1st prize in “Utility & Maneuverability Event”.

Team SeiGeR Qualifies for the main event of Effi-cycle 2011 which is going to be held at chandigarh on 14-15 october 2011.

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